Development of an Online Reservation and Monitoring System for the Use of TWC Dormitory, Function Rooms and Vehicles

The Development of an Online Reservation and Monitoring System for the Use of TWC Dormitory, Function Rooms and Vehiclesincrease the efficiency and timeliness of services and improve the business process of the TWC. The development of the System involves studying the reservation, occupancy and use monitoring needs, current business processes and systems design in place at the TWC, and develop a system that increases and improves the business process of the organization. At the end of the study, the most appropriate, efficient, and useful system should be in place for TWC to manage its reservations, occupancy and usage of facilities. In conducting this action research, the research team employed desk review and use of available secondary data, one-on-one structured or semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions, and the direct observation method. The sponsors, the systems designer and implementer, process owners, and the users were consulted and involved in determining the system design. The data content was analyzed, existing policies were reviewed, the results were contextualized based on the stakeholders and gender, andSWOT and risk analysis were conducted over the course of the study. The study found that there was a need to capture what the business user needs to do and what the software needs to do to support the business user. In designing the technical details and design of the system, some of the issues that surfaced were the lack of technologies to provide better benchmarking for the process/system, the lack of dedicated personnel to oversee the research and development of the system, and the need for process owners to be more involved in developing the system, among others. In conclusion, the critical factors needed to ensure the success of the TWC systems approach are the presence of: drivers of reform from without and within the organization, an overall vision and strategy, the ability to manage a project effectively, effective change management, design, requisite competencies, and adequate funding and technological infrastructure. Further, the research recommends for the TWC Leadership to continue championing and promoting research and development, allocating resources for the maintenance, expansion and roll out of the systems proven to be efficient and effective to the TWC, and supporting innovative approaches to systems development and promotion of information systems.

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