The TESDA Women's Center Tracer Study of Graduates From 2014 - 2016

Academic and training Institutions use Tracer Studies to evaluate and enhance existing programs and procedures based on information gathered from various stakeholders. Since the TESDA Women's Center (TWC) aims to be a leading Knowledge Hub on Women Empowerment in TVET in ASEAN in line with the proposed expansion of the Center in preparation for the Philippines' leadership role in ASEAN 50 and grow as the Center for ASEAN Women Research, Development and Vocational Training, it has decided to conduct a Tracer Study of its trainee graduates. This Tracer Study shall get information on the post-graduation employment, challenges encountered after graduation, the relevance and impact of the courses taken, as well as suggestions on how to improve the curriculum, among others, from the trainee graduates in the batches covered by the years 2014 to 2016.

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