Development of Mocktail Drinks with Butterfly Pea Flower Extract

This research study aimed at developing an acceptable mocktail drink that utilizes the extract of butterfly pea flowers, available in the Philippines. The trainer of Bartending NC II noted that the flowers of the butterfly pea plant or Clitoris ternatea is used in food- ice cream and tea. She wanted to assess the possibility of creating mocktail drinks using the extract of the flowers with its unique color. The conceptual framework utilized was the Product Development framework, a systematic, commercially oriented research to develop products and processes satisfying a known or suspected consumer need. The Bartending NC II qualification spearheaded the product development process. Factors considered in the product developmentincluded the taste, appearance, consistency, aroma and general acceptability. After the initial idea generation, screening and development of three product samples using apple, lemon and orange juices for the blended drinks, product test was with a controlled group consisted of twenty (20) respondents. An evaluation sheet using the nine-point hedonic scale was devised for the conduct of testing to establish the overall preference and acceptability with the products from the respondents. The results of the product tests showed that the lemon juice-based drink with butterfly pea flower extract have the highest degree of preference among the three samples. Twenty five percent of the respondents marked extremely like from the survey while forty percent noted like very much. It was noted that the lemon taste is very apt for the drink and the color is appealing. Based on the results of the product test, it was concluded that the lemon-based mocktail with butterfly pea flower extract is the most viable for introduction to the market. The general quality was acceptable and satisfied the expectations of the intended consumers. Recommendations were the production and distribution of the recipe at TESDA Women's Center Bartending class. Likewise, the conduct of a research study to determine the longevity of the extract's shelf life and the development of alcoholic drinks using the same were suggested

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