Feasibility Study for TWC Cafe Juana

This feasibility study aimed at establishing a coffee shop as an income generating project of TESDA Women's Center (TWC). The TWC Coffee shop will focus on two different market segments, the Daily and the captive clients. The TWC Coffee Shop's target markets are those individuals who are seeking for quality coffee beverages and have no time to go to other places to buy famous commercialized coffee products. The TWC's marketing strategy is to show people that it has an excellent product, convenient accessibility, and with a community benefit. The product will be a range of hot and cold coffee-based beverages and frappes similar to the market produced by well-trained baristas. The Shop's pricing will be comparable to the competition, but with the value-added feature of immediate service and convenience. Average price of beverages is at P58.06. The shop will be implementing a low-cost promotion campaign which will include flyers, banners and tarpaulins installed at strategic areas of the TESDA Complex. Cafe Juana will be directly under the supervision of the TWC Center Chief. The functions of Marketing, Finance and Administrative will be handled by one of the trainers while another trainer will be the Head Barista in charge of the Production aspect. Personnel for the Coffee shop will come from both graduates and current trainees of Barista Training Program. There are two functioning groups within the Coffee Shop: Production and Marketing, Finance and Administrative. Production involves the Baristas, or production staff, who will be operating the coffee shop and blending the beverages for the customers as well as the daily inventory, maintenance of equipment and the bar area. Marketing, Finance and Administrative will handle the promotion of the coffee shop and its beverages as well as managing the training of Baristas, maintenance of equipment, purchase and request, and monitoring of financial performance. With the financing carried by TWC and the labor costs cut back by Barista NC II trainees, income is expected to be derived from the first year of operation until the fifth-year projection. Net loss will be incurred for the first year computed at Php-2,456.88. However, this will turn around and net income will reach Php96,193.80 by the second year. Return on Investment is computed at 24.12% by the second year which is significantly efficient in terms of generating income for every peso of asset invested in the business. Based on the projected cash flows, payback period is 2.19 years to cover the tools and equipment of the coffee shop. The proposed income generating project is deemed feasible and viable. It is therefore recommended for implementation for year 2018. Further studies on increasing customer retention and marketing, as well as development of signature product lines are also suggested.

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