Virtual Assistant Services Level II


To educate and produce globally competitive Virtual Assistant with passion for environmental consciousness, sustainability, innovation, and gender equality by the end of 2024.


  • Enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of Virtual Assistant Services trainees to become gender-fair and globally competitive Virtual Assistant;
  • Instill environmental awareness by integrating Green TVET practices and sustainability in the delivery of competency-based training;
  • Promote the value of innovation, support women empowerment; and
  • Produce at least 450 certified and job ready graduates.

Course Description:
This course is designed to train students to become globally competitive in providing virtual assistant services to foreign clients in accordance with current industry standards. It covers basic, common, and core competencies which focuses on in-demand freelance/virtual assistant skills, such as but not limited to, project management, content management, email management, scheduling, and all-around virtual business management. .

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