Development of Turmeric-Based Healthy Mocktails

This study involves the utilization of turmeric as based ingredient for mocktail. Five formulations were developed using turmeric in combination with other fruits. The fruits could mask the taste of the turmeric. These were either: cranberry for turmeric sangria; lemon for turmelow; banana for turmeric surprise; apple for turmeric fruit shake, and calamansi for turmeric star.Products range from pH 3.93to 5.84.Three trials were conducted on sensory evaluation. These were evaluated using 7-pointhedonic scale for appearance, color, odor, consistency, and flavor and 9-pointhedonic scale for general acceptability. Results of sensory evaluation were subjected to statistical treatment using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). These were further validated by subjecting the samples to preference test. Results showed that all the quality attributes and general acceptability were all non-significant between and among samples in each attribute.However, preference test indicated that the most liked were turmeric surprise (turmeric with banana) and turmeric fruit shake (turmeric with apple). Turmeric star (turmeric with calamansi) gave the lowest cost at PhP 28 per serving while the rest of the formulations ranges from PhP 44.00 to PhP 56.00 per serving.

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