TWC Online Application and Enrolment

TWC Online Application and Enrolment

The Online Application and Enrolment Program of TWC was developed to limit face-to-face transactions and to avoid physical contacts when applying to ensure the safety of both the TWC personnel and visiting applicants in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

The online program follows the same process of application where the applicant is required to fill-out the learner’s profile and will proceed to the online written interview. Once the applicant is done with the latter, he/she will have to take the qualifying exam which is time limited. If the applicant did not pass the exam he/she can still retake the exam until qualified. In addition, the applicants will also need to upload a softcopy of their requirements as part of the initial verification and will have to handover a hardcopy to the registrar once they started their training at TWC.

TWC Online Application and Enrolment

Isang Paunawa mula sa Pamunuan ng TESDA

Paunawa sa Publiko

"Isang Paunawa Mula sa Pamunuan ng TESDA"

TESDA Abot Lahat

TESDA Abot Lahat

"TESDA Abot Lahat" proclaims the spirit and intent of the policy direction of the agency for CY 2019. It means that TESDA is determined to expand and strengthen its mandate, programs and services. It will reach out and serve new and more clients and partners with a clear purpose... to transform and improve the lives of the poor and undeserved citizens on this country for the better.

TWC AVP Briefer

"The AVP is an introduction about the TESDA Women’s Center (TWC), one of TESDA’s 122 Technology Institutions, accredited by the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) since 2008. It depicts how the TWC contributes to building a nation that champions gender equality in Education and Training by recognizing women’s inherent strengths as a major force in nation building. It is opening up new avenues to expand women’s choices, to change women’s lives, breaking through barriers, helping each other bring out their utmost potential thereby contributing to poverty reduction and gender equality. The TWC together with partner organizations are opening doors for women from the marginalized sectors by providing them Competency-Based Skills Training honed towards 21 st century skills at par with industry standards both local and global. It is the lead Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution of excellence in empowering the Filipino women."

TESDA Women's Center: Developing Successful Entrepreneurs

The TESDA Women's Center: Developing Successful Entrepreneurs

The TESDA Women’s Center has been featured in the list of Promising and Innovative Practices in TVET by the UNESCO-UNEVOC, a designated international center for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) which supports and strengthens UNESCO’s Member States in their efforts to strengthen and upgrade their TVET systems.

TWC’s Innovative Practice: Developing Successful Entrepreneurs has been selected based on its relevance to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and the advancement of youth employment, access to decent work, entrepreneurship, and lifelong learning opportunities.

The full Project Summary can be read and downloaded from their website. UNESCO UNEVOC #TESDAAbotLahat