APACC on-site visit to TWC

The international accrediting team was composed of Dr. Romulita Alto, APACC Team Leader, Mr. Panyachart Wongpanya, APACC Team Member, and Mr. Jan Michael Marasigan, APACC Support Staff Member. An Opening Program was held at the Tandang Sora Hall, TESDA Women's Center at 9:00 a.m. that formally welcomed the guests. A short orientation about the on-site visit was conducted by the APACC Team Leader. The accreditation team visited around the TWC facilities, training laboratories, and offices to check and validate the claims of the TWC based on the submitted APACC Self Study Report against the following criteria: 1. Governance and Management, 2. Teaching and Learning, 3. Human Resources, 4. Research and Development, 5. Image and Sustainability, 6. Other Resources, 7. Support to Students. The TWC has been accredited by APACC since in 2008 and it is its 4th cycle of re- accreditation affirming the positive impact of accreditation for quality improvement of TVET programs and services. The team leaders of the seven criteria were: 1) Ritchie Briagas 2) Gerrelen Balbin 3) Mylene Somera 4) Lucia Tabu 5) Michael William Del Rosario 6) Mindy Lee Villegas, and 7) Kimberly Bautista.