TWC Conducts Lifelong Learning on Mental Health Awareness


Mental Health Awareness serves as a beacon guiding us towards understanding, empathy, and support for those navigating the complexities of their inner world. It's more than acknowledging the existence of mental health issues; it's about fostering an environment where conversations surrounding mental well-being are welcomed without stigma or judgment.

The TESDA Women's Center, through the Training Management Unit held another enlightening Webinar Series Parts 6: "Breaking the Stigma - Mental Health Awareness" on December 5, 2023 via the TESDA Women's Center Facebook page.

The program was hosted by the TWC's Guidance Counselor, Ms. Aura Kriz R.Abella, while TMU Head, Ms. Gerrelen D. Balbin officially welcomed the participants with an inspiriting welcome remarks. The program is in compliance with Republic Act 1106 also known as Mental Health Act, that aims to integrate strategies to promote mental health in the Center. Moreover it shall provide support by giving information and awareness of mental health in TVET.

Ms. Ivy Galon Moriño, Registered Guidance Counselor and Assistant ProfessorIV of CBSUA Calabanga, served as resource speaker and helped the participants to destigmatize mental health. She discussed on the importance of the awareness on and factors involving mental health, its types, and coping mechanisms.

By raising awareness, the center illuminates the path towards destigmatizing mental health struggles. It's an invitation for open discussions, erasing misconceptions, and creating safe spaces where individuals feel empowered to seek help without fear or shame.