"Sa TESDA, Lingap ay Maasahan"

This year, in line with the current administration's direction for Bagong Pilipinas, TESDA's 29th Anniversary slogan embodies it, sa TESDA, lingap ay maasahan.

The slogan with the theme: "Sa TESDA. Lingap ay Maasahan" bears a logo, a collaboration of the design of three winning entries last August 7, 2023 which describes the following vital points.

The well-known TESDA gear comes with a graceful symbol of the shining sun, sending message that through TESDA's programs and services, there is a radiating hope for every Filipino.

The heart with a finger represents the TESDA Secretary's motto, "Serbisyong Tapat at Maaasahan" (Service with a Heart). The TESDA logo completes the shape of the heart and is directly connected to the blue human figure (TESDA color) and just like a mother carrying her child, projects a symbol of carrying the Filipino workforce. The message strongly signifies that all TESDA services are delivered with a heart.

The TESDA gear has been incorporated with loving arms, which symbolizes TESDA's compassion and willingness to embrace the Filipino people and build meaningful connections.

With its new tagline, "Sa TESDA, Lingap ay Maasahan", the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority of the Philippines shows compassion to the Filipinos by empowering people by means of accessible and relevant technical education and skills training. TESDA assists individuals, particularly those from marginalized communities, to improve their skills and employability by providing a variety of vocational courses and certification programs. This caring approach improves people's lives by giving possibilities for employment and personal development, ultimately contributing to the nation's socioeconomic progress. TESDA's focus to developing talent and potential reflects a compassionate commitment to the well-being and advancement of all Filipinos.

Overall, the slogan logo epitomizes TESDA's heart and spirit, embracing the vision of a "Bagong Pilipinas" and a future of excellence in public service.