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"The AVP is an introduction about the TESDA Women’s Center (TWC), one of TESDA’s 122 Technology Institutions, accredited by the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) since 2008. It depicts how the TWC contributes to building a nation that champions gender equality in Education and Training by recognizing women’s inherent strengths as a major force in nation building. It is opening up new avenues to expand women’s choices, to change women’s lives, breaking through barriers, helping each other bring out their utmost potential thereby contributing to poverty reduction and gender equality. The TWC together with partner organizations are opening doors for women from the marginalized sectors by providing them Competency-Based Skills Training honed towards 21 st century skills at par with industry standards both local and global. It is the lead Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution of excellence in empowering the Filipino women."


Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act or RA 10931
An Act promoting universal access to quality tertiary education by providing for free tuition and other school fees in state universities and colleges (SUCs), local universities and colleges (LUCs) and state-run technical- vocational institutions establishing the tertiary education subsidy and student loan program stengthening the unified student financial assistance system for tertiary education.

National Technical Education and Skills Development Plan (NTESDP) for 2018-2022

National Technical Education and Skills Development Plan (NTESDP) for 2018-2022
The National Technical Education and Skills Development Plan (NTESDP) for 2018-2022 manifests TESDA's role as the transformational leader in the technical education and skills development of the Filipino workforce to envision a Vibrant Quality WET for Decent Work and Sustainable Inclusive Growth. The NTESDP directs the TVET sector to its Two Two-Pronged Strategic Thrusts: (1) WET for Global Competitiveness and Workforce Readiness; and (2) WET for Social Equity for Workforce Inclusion and Poverty Reduction. Aligned with the Philippine Development Plan, Ambisyon 2040, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and TESDA's 17-Point Reform and Development Agenda and to address broad range of needs and demands of TVET's clients and the rapidly changing requirements of the world of work, the NTESDP further elaborates the strategic thrusts into 3 Strategic Responses: 1. "AGILITY" for TVET for Global Competitiveness; 2. "SCALABILITY" for TVET for Workforce Readiness; and 3. "FLEXIBILITY and SUSTAINABILITY" for TVET for Social Equity.

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