Friday, April 19, 2019


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Success Stories

Automotive Servicing NC II

"My life as an Auto Technician began at 44" — the unusual comment made by Ana Maria C. Gatchalian. At 44 years old "Ana" is embracing life to the fullest while repairing and maintaining cars for Chevrolet Company.

A graduate of B.S Computer Engineering from the Mapua Institute of Technology and armed with six years work experience from the Technology & Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC) where she started as a computer programmer, then promoted to Information Systems Analyst III position, where she developed database including the Cash Monitoring System for their office/unit.

Back in year 2005, Executive Order No. 366 was promulgated implementing the "Rationalization Program" and Ana was forced to tender early retirement from service. Consequently, this hindered her from re-applying from any government office for the next five years. Moreover, her age hindered her from seeking employment in private companies.

She busied herself doing meager jobs from trading colognes to repairing PCs. It was in 2008 when one of Ana&rsqou;s friends introduced her with the "Taxi Business". With eagerness to learn the ropes of this new field, Ana enrolled Automotive Servicing NC II at the TESDA Women’s Center and started her training on November 26, 2008. She was awarded her National Certificate ( NC Level II) on Automotive Servicing in April 2009 but even prior to receiving the her NC, she tried applying for a job in nearby car shops.

With her determination and skills, Ana immediately was hired by the Chevrolet Company, Pasig Branch to work as an Automotive Technician. Being the lone female technician at the Service Department, Ana wasn’t spared from receiving gender discriminating remarks and other work pressures yet, being equipped with knowledge, skills and proper work values she was able to surpass those challenges.

"Women empowerment has moved me to work in what used to be a men’s world of Automotive. Yes, the TWC was my training ground to be able to face the real world or work, though full of challenges yet it is full of hope. For me, life at 44 is still young and I still need to achieve the peak of my life," said Ana. From an Automotive Servicing NC II trainee at the TESDA Women’s Center in 2008, Ana now works as Trainer in Automotive Servicing NC II at the TESDA Women’s Center.