TESDA Women's Center






Resource Center/Library



The Library is located at the 2nd floor, South wing. The TWC library aims to provide an environment conducive for learning to its trainees, faculty and staff. It maintains an up-to-date collection of books, reports, periodicals, newsletters, audio-visual and other reference materials. Presently, it has 1,909 books, 558 magazines, 1,901 videos and other reference materials on technical vocational education and training, women and gender issues, human resource development, labor and employment, economies, and entrepreneurship. The books are placed on open shelves for easy access. Newspapers are available for general reading.

The Resource Center also provides computers for research purposes. It may not be used for encoding, making documents and chatting. Proper use of the computer units must be observed.

Library Services

  • Inquiries about library materials
  • Use of internet services
  • Borrowing books
Library Schedule

The library is open to all TWC trainees, TESDA employees and other researchers daily from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. The TWC librarian reserves the right to temporarily cut library services on certain occasions.


TWC Dormitory



The TWC dormitory is a 160-bed capacity at affordable rates.

Each room is equipped with restroom and shower room.

TWC trainees are entitled to 50% discount.

The TWC Dormitory serves as the laboratory extension of Housekeeping NC ll trainees.


Day Care Center



The day care center of TWC has a nursery room, play room, pantry for preparing baby feed and food, toilet and shower room for toddlers and pre-school age. Day care service is free for parent-trainees who need babysitting assistance while they are on training. It has a day care administrator who looks after and takes care of the children. The day care center can accommodate up to 10 children a day.

All TWC trainees could avail of this free service provided they abide by the day care rules.

A parent-trainee may avail of the free service by accomplishing the Registration Form/Consent Form given by the Day Care Administrator. Accurate information, special needs and restrictions of the child must be clearly indicated in the Registration Form/Consent Form.


Medical and Dental Facilities



In case of medical emergency, the trainee, after notifying the trainer may go or be brought to the TWC first-aid room located at the ground floor near the day care center to receive first-aid and temporary medication. The TESDA also extends its free dental (check-up) and medical (check up) services to the TWC trainees. Trainees may avail of these services during office hours and on weekdays only on appointment basis. The TESDA clinic is at the 2nd floor of the TESDA Central Office Main Building.


Function and Lecture Rooms

The TESDA Women’s Center provides FREE use of function rooms for TESDA and its institutional partners.

It also accommodates requests from private institutions for use of function rooms at non-commercialized rates, as part of its Income Generating Project (IGP).



Gregoria De Jesus Room
110 sq. meters
30 - 40 pax


Marcela Agoncillo Room
140 sq. meters
50 - 70 pax



Gabriela Silang Room
130 sq. meters
30 - 40 pax


Tandang Sora Hall
500 sq. meters
200 - 270 pax



Lecture Rooms 1, 2 and 3
250 sq. meters / room
30 - 40 pax




TWC Canteen

The TWC has a fully air-conditioned and a self-service canteen located at the basement of the Central Office. It is open from:

  • 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM for breakfast;
  • 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM for lunch; and
  • 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM for afternoon snacks.

The TWC Canteen serves as the laboratory extension for Cookery NC ll, Food and Beverage Services NC ll and Housekeeping NC ll trainees.